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5 Tips to Save Relationship

Ways To Save Relationship Image of Heart 5 Tips to Save Relationship Saving a relationship that is headed into the abyss is not an easy task. If we could take a relationship course in school, this might make our lives a little easier, but no such luck with our current education system. We don't learn it in school, so sometimes we have to get creative when we think of ways to save our relationships. Save relationship by taking action. I have been where you are currently. You want your relationship to work so bad you can feel it in your Read more [...]

New Year New Love

New Year New Love New Year New Love New year new love, doesn't that sound great? Out with the old and in with the NEW!! Happy New Year 2013 my friend! Now is the time to reflect on the old relationships, and be open to new possibilities. So you spent the end of last year getting out of an old relationship. You have been enjoying the single life, but this year you are ready, ready to share your life, and your heart again. New year new love, how exciting! How do you go about being open to the possibilities you Read more [...]

Ease The Pain Of A Breakup

Ease The Pain Of A Breakup Ease The Pain Of A Breakup There are many ways to save a relationship, but when your efforts have failed, there are also ways to ease the pain of a breakup. Some relationships, no matter how bad you want them, are not meant to be; they might have come at the wrong moment in life, or are with the wrong person. Don't rule out the possibility of a 2nd chance with your ex, maybe one day the time will be right, and maybe not. Don't rule out a 2nd chance,  but don't expect it either. A break-up is Read more [...]

Ways To Spice Up A Relationship

Ways To Spice Up A Relationship Ways To Spice Up A Relationship Keeping your relationship interesting and fun, is hard work, especially when life is happening ;-) . How do you keep from falling into the rut of routine; the rut of the same ole same ole mundane boring tasks, and conversations day after day? There are plenty of creative ways to spice up a relationship. It is important for both people in the relationship to communicate well, and take care of each other.  Finding creative ways to interact, and communicate will Read more [...]

Long Distance Relationship Tips

long distance relationship Long Distance Relationship Tips Maintaining a healthy long distance relationship can be quite a challenge.  It takes two mature people who are able to communicate in order to make it work.  It will also take some sound long distance relationship tips, and that's where I come in:).  I know this subject oh too well. I used to be the Queen of long distance relationships, now I just help other people try to make their successful. You can thank me later:). In this article I've outlined some Read more [...]

Stuck In The Best Friend Zone

In Love With Best Friend Stuck In The Best Friend Zone How do I get my best friend to love me back? I have received variations of this question four times this week, so I thought I would address at least the first step to discovering your best friends love. The human desire to be with someone is engrained in all of us. Well what do you do when the someone you want to be with is your best friend? It depends on your best friends feelings for you, and their relationship status. You must first ask yourself why you are in Read more [...]